Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two Months Old!

What an amazing gift God has given us! Clayton is such a blessing. He has continued to be such a great baby. He is so congenial and we can take him anywhere- he makes it so easy on us. Just the other day I took him to my dentist appointment and he enjoyed smiling and talking to the pretty hygienists. He is now a little over two months old and changing every day. He is beginning to respond to us- smiling so much and even the occasional laugh. We spend much of our time trying anything we can to get a giggle out of him. Such a sweet sound to our ears. At his two month appointment he weighed 12 lbs. 4 oz. and was 23 7/8 inches long. At his appointment, daddy was brave and stayed in the room while he got his vaccination shots, but mommy had to leave. She couldn't bear the thought of something hurting her sweet boy. Just to hear the pain of his scream immediately sent streams of tears down her cheeks. We are truly amazed at how much we love this little guy- and to think that our God loves us all with an even greater love. Wow!
Clayton at 2 months.
Our friend Mindy and her daughter Sadie came over for a visit one afternoon. Sadie is a few months older than Clayton. I think Mindy thought Clayton was a little eager in holding hands.
The afternoon also included conversation.
Though Mindy was thinking it was Clayton, I think it was Sadie making the pass.
This month included many discoveries for Clayton, one of which was his thumb.

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Jon and Jessica said...

Jessica still sucks her thumb like that!!!!!!!