Monday, May 19, 2008

Not Much has Changed in a month....Yeah Right!

The past month has been great. Clayton is growing so fast. He is much like his dad, loves food and is a good sleeper. Clayton has not slept through the night yet. I think its because he loves food more than sleep. He had his one month check up and is above average...of course this is not news to us. He is very congenial, a happy baby what a blessing. Raendra is loving her new job, it has been an adjustment to not have a schedule, something that is hard for a teacher to do. We love being parents especially to such a sweet boy.
Still cute as can be.
Clayton is so alert. We enjoy getting his attention and talking with him.
Goodbye Newborn clothes. Clayton is growing out of everything. On the 16th he weighed in at 10lbs 10oz and was 22 1/4" long.
Clean Cute Clay
Clay loves a good walk around the long as Mom and Dad keep moving, and don't talk to everyone they see.


Cookie said...

Clayton, you are getting so big and so cute. Happy to see you are a good eater. Hope that sleeping thing gets better. Thanks for showing us pics, we were wondering how much he changed!

Calli said...

What a sweet, sweet boy. Little Clayton should be learning the in's and out's of rib making soon i'm sure.

Glad you are all doing well and love you.

Alaina said...

What a cutie! It was so great to meet him yesterday! You are so blessed!

LauraG said...

So happy to see Clayton in person at the reunion. He is perfect, and you are super parents. Good diaper changing skills, Brian!