Thursday, June 26, 2008

Clayton's First Trip to the Library

Clayton enjoyed his first adventure to the library. It is a quick 20 minute walk through the neighborhood to the public library from our house. We had a great time choosing books, and even signed him up for the Summer Reading Program. We are looking forward to another visit in July for Baby/Toddler Time.
Clayton was smiling the whole time we were at the library. I was so glad that he had such a great time.
Clayton couldn't wait to get home and read his nursery rhymes. We hope he grows to love books as much as Cousin Ava does!

"Butterflies in the sky, I can fly twice as high. Just take a look, it's in a Book....."


Kostaroff said...

It is great to see you are starting Clayton out right. I like the Reading Rainbow bit! A real flashback!

Leslie said...

Quite the academic, and at such an early age. I love the staged pictures. They are cracking me up!

Hurley Crew said...

I love the deep thought look while reading. What a cute little fella.