Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sad To See Them Go

Aunt Roxanne and Uncle Andre have moved to Denver, Colorado. Andre graduated from medical school in May and will complete his residency out there over the next three years. We are hoping they will come home for many visits, and we are looking forward to a trip out there at some point. We miss them so much, but are so excited to see them following God's leading in their life. We wish them the very best!

Aunt Roxanne spent the day with Clayton and I a few days before they left. We had a great time playing and talking. We also enjoyed lunch at Jimmy John's. Roxanne rocked Clayton to sleep before leaving for the day. He loves to cuddle.Aunt Roxanne and Clayton the day they headed out to Denver. He is wearing the bib she bought him- "My Aunt Loves Me".
Clayton spending some time with Uncle Andre the day we were packing them up. "Hey doc, before you go could you take a look at this rash....?"

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Calli said...

You guys should come to CO for a visit soon! i know there would be 3 people that would love to see you all for sure!