Monday, March 28, 2011

Our first son Clayton

Here he is, our "big guy", the "boss" Clayton
A Bears Fan
Mommy's little man. (note to parents of babies: find something that your child will use as a security blanket. Clayton doesn't have a security blanket, he uses Mommy's hair as his security. He use to touch it as he went to sleep. Now there are times that he still needs to touch it before the world is right. A blanket is much more accessible)
Always ready to help out and take care of others. Pictured here with Sofia (Andre and Roxanne's daughter)
A bath enthusiast...and water in general.
An outdoors-man to the max. If it's outside it is good, If it's in the woods it's better.....
and if it's outdoors, in the woods, there is water, and rocks to throw in the water, heaven on earth! A boy after his dad's own heart.

As you can see we don't have many pictures of Clayton sitting around, because he doesn't sit around. He is full of energy and never stops. Clayton will be three in April.

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