Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Collin's Birthday

Last month we celebrated Collin's first birthday. Collin is a sensitive, entertainer, who loves anything Clayton. He really enjoyed his birthday party, and has since been walking around the house saying "happy day".
Here are a few pictures from Collin's first birthday party.The birthday boy sitting in his throne

He liked his lit candle.
Collin tried to blow the candle out.

He got a little help from his brother.

He wanted to share the icing at first.

Then he didn't.

He really liked the icing.

Icing on everything.
Cleaning up.
Balloons are a lot of fun.
A new truck to play with.
Clayton enjoyed winning a game of Memory during the party. He is very good.


Emily said...

Great pictures of the birthday boy! He is such a sweetie.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Collin! And yay for new blog posts!