Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Clayton decided he would take a few steps on his own before ten months. It has been a week since that was decided and it is amazing how quickly he has gained balance and ability. The first day he just decided he would walk away from his toys and try to reach the couch or an out stretched hand. This week it is, what can I stand up to and how far can I go.

This past weekend we made a trip up to Rochester, IN to visit Evan and Emily Gottschalk (Brian's Cousin). They had a great weekend planned for us and we enjoyed our time with them so much. We were treated to great food, and fun games and suprised with special guests. Clayton warmed up to everyone within 15 minutes of arrival. Who wouldn't. On Friday he was taking a few steps whenever possible and by Sunday he was walking across the room.

Clayton had such a great time and was so upset that we were no longer at the Gottschalks that on Sunday night he woke up around midnight sick to his stomach. He is past the vomitting and now on to the other end of it. We hope it will stop soon. Even though he is ill he still gives us plenty of smiles and continues to work on his walking. Enjoy the video. We will post more as we get them.


mace and cookie said...

Wow! We're impressed at his skillz! What a champ! Hooray for Clayton.

LauraG said...

OK, here is the difference between a mom and a dad. Your son is playing with an electrical outlet, so you grab the video camera! :)
I can't believe Clayton is walking already. And did I hear him say "Hi, Daddy!" ??