Friday, January 23, 2009

One Month Late....Clayton's First Christmas

As cute as it is, we figured that many of you were tired of looking at Clayton the Frog and would perhaps like to see something a little more recent. It's definitely getting more difficult to keep up with our blog for instance....we have a little guy who is on the into everything! He is ALL BOY. Enjoy these pictures where he doesn't have scrapes and bruises. They are definitely harder to come by these days.

Clayton LOVES pulling up to things and standing on his own. Especially when there is a huge stack of presents!!

This is all the paper they would let me keep after unwrapping this big present from Grandpa Roger and Grandma Judy.

Most of his Christmas presents. Thank you everyone.
Unwrapping presents at Pawpaw and Nana's house is a pretty serious job.

Fun with Pawpaw.

NO WAY! More presents?!?!


mace and cookie said...

Love the pics. Looks like he had a fun first Christmas! He's growing so fast. Hope to see you all in person sometime soon!

Hurley Crew said...

What a great Christmas outfit. Looks like he had a grand time. I know exactly what you mean about the bruises and scrapes with a boy. Brock still has a scar across his nose from those first few vertical months.