Friday, January 22, 2010

Clayton's world has changed forever.

Due to the flu, up until today all children under the age of 18 weren't to be in the hospital. Today the restrictions were changed. So Clayton got to come see Mommy and Collin. Raendra had been missing Clayton and we were so excited to introduce the two. Here are some pictures of the encounter. We are hoping to get out of the hospital tomorrow. We will keep you posted.
We have been so blessed!

Mommy couldn't be happier holding her two wonderful boys.

I think Clayton kissed Collin about 15 times in three minutes. He loves his baby brother.

He took holding Collin very serious. Collin couldn't ask for a better big brother.
Clayton loves his quiet brother.

Not so sure about a crying brother. I love how early they learn to remove themselves from the situations. The hands go up, like "I didn't do it!"

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calli said...

WOW! This is the first time i've seen mr. collin! Congratuations ya'll. There is NO mistake Clayton loves his brother! Love you guys.